Friday, 6 September 2013

Car Boot Sale Haul

I love car boot sales, there is nothing better than getting up early on a Sunday and hunting around a muddy field with a bacon sandwich. Actually, that is such a lie. I love sleeping in and I love that fact that my local car boot doesn’t start til 10! It’s very rare that I have weekends off so I like to make the most of them. My mum is the best car boot partner (and my boyfriend is the worst).

Bird’s Custard Father Christmas Jug - £2
I cannot tell you how happy I was to find this jug on the very first stall I came to. When I was growing up I always loved my Grandma’s Father Christmas jug, unfortunately when she passed away earlier this year some non-sentimental family members sorted her things. I wanted to hug the man who was selling this and he must have noticed my beaming smile as I paid. It may not be my Grandma’s, but in my mind it is. 

Vintage Blue Floral Plates
I bought these with a very exciting craft idea in mind, watch this space!

Christmas Snowflake Pyrex Dish – 50p
There seems to be a bit of a festive theme with this haul! I love kitsch kitchenware and despite the burn marks (hoping to get those off with some Astonish and elbow grease) I couldn’t say no to this for 50p!

Primark Leopard Print Boots - £1
I normally wouldn’t buy second hand shoes, but these still had the elastic connecting them! I think they’d look great with tights and I can’t wait to start wearing boots again. Autumn is my favourite.

Various Books and DVDs - £1
I can’t leave a car boot sale without books and films! I didn’t pay more than £1 for any of these. I also always seem to be buying kids films..

That’s it! Not loads, but I love every one of these things. I think it’s important to not buy things for the sake of being cheap.

Has anyone had any car boot booty recently? Link me up,  I love to browse other peoples finds!