Friday, 12 April 2013

Ikea haul & wish list

I am an Ikea addict. I could spend hours just browsing, planning and wishing. Luckily a few of my friends feel the same.
The other week we took a spontaneous trip to Ikea (mainly for the food), the nearest store is about an hours drive from me so not too close to be there as often as I would like.

I’m moving in with my boyfriend in less than a month (scary!) so went for a look around and to get a couple of catalogues. Of course you can’t come out without a few little things…

SOCKERÄRT Vase - £14

I’m not sure if this is a jug or a vase but it’s a lovely ceramic and looks great with flowers in.

SOMMARFINT Paper napkin - £1

Did I need some flamingo polka dot napkins? I’m not sure.. but for £1 I couldn’t resist. They’ll be lovely for BBQs if we ever get a summer.

ÅRSTID Table lamp - £21

I really love this lamp, I can’t believe I didn’t get two..looks like another trip is on the cards!


Alarm clock - £4.50

This clock looks so sweet but it is the work of the devil. It is SO loud. I keep it at the other side of my room to make sure I get out of bed but it makes a rubbish start to the day.

Heart shaped cactus - £3

Another impulse buy that was too sweet to leave.

 I have spent a long time recently on the Ikea website and Pinterest (so much more exciting that the essays I need to finish) and have but together a little wish list. My boyfriend hates shopping, hates ikea and likes to have a plan, so we need to know what we’re going in for and not spent time wandering.


NY love is 50 skyscrapers high - £5

 This time last year I was packing to spend my 21st in New York, I love this print and think it would look great framed.

Rug - £70
EMMIE LAND Cushion cover - £4

URSULA Throw, beige - £16

I love ‘soft furnishings’ and think that a rug, throw or cushions can really pull together a room.

HEMNES Dressing table with mirror - £190

HEMNES Chest of 6 drawers - £140

I really love the Hemnes collection, I’m lucky that my mum is downsizing her house at the same time so there is a lot of spare furniture for us to take but I love these two pieces.

I apologise for the image quality, my beloved camera broke. Thankfully it was under warranty but they have returned it back without the battery pack..mighty annoying!


  1. You picked up some lovely things, the jug is so cute! I love Ikea it's packed with affordable gems, that dressing table is lovely too

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  2. So many great finds! I love that print with all the hearts on it.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  3. that vanity table is so cute!

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  4. You picked up some lovely things! I love the jug / vase ( I'm not sure what it is either haha) always nice to have fresh flowers in the house.good luck with your move xxx