Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Perfect day off - Snow day!

I was pretty shocked to wake up and find so much snow this morning (and it hasn't stopped!). I do love the snow but it makes me so unproductive. I just want to sit drinking tea and reading my Kindle. I have been feeling pretty down and out recently so a day off from shift work, lectures and real life was just what I needed. 

One thing I love (and sometimes hate) about having a dog is that you can't just stay in have to get up rain, shine or blizzard to get walking and take in the fresh air. 

I promise not all blog posts include pictures of my dog in the snow..but he's just too darn cute. Because we were up nice and early the park was so quiet and as yet undisturbed by sledgers. 

It’s just a jogging bottoms & owl print tshirt kinda day:

& back to warm up with Shaun T Insanity (please give me the strength to carry on with this work out, I just feel like he is slowly trying to kill me)

& undo the hard work with fancy Kit Kats:

Before Italian food and Les Miserables for the third time with my Mama tonight (perk of the job).

Hope everyone is staying warm and cosy, I’ll put the kettle on.


  1. Your dog is adorable! Looks like he had fun in the snow! :)

  2. what a little cutie!!!

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