Friday, 15 February 2013

Craft Aspirations

I would love to be a crafty person, there is nothing I like more than admiring talented people’s lovely things on Instagram and blogs. (link me if you fit in to either of these, I want to find some new uns)

I have so many good intentions, supplies and works in progress but just never seem to find the time or motivation to sit down and get cracking. This year I am determined to make some time to just relax and pick up a project.

I received all of these lovely books for Christmas this year (people know me so well!). I love all things Cath Kidston and I could spend hours browsing in the shop, however my boyfriend commented that he “didn’t get it.. it’s just granny flowers”.

Cath Kidston – Patch
Cath Kidston – Make
Cath Kidston – Knitting

These are a few of the projects I’d like to complete this year:

 One hobby that I have been picking up and putting down for a long time is cross stitching. I remember my mum would make cross stitch patterns on cereal boxes that I would spend rainy days doing. I have recently discovered etsy and CrossStitcher magazine for some wonderful, cheap and easy patterns. These are a few of my favourites:

I think these would all look lovely displayed in hoops with some nice ribbon. Designs from here

Think I need this scottie one to match my dog! from here 

& these are the CrossStitcher designs  I am planning on doing over the next couple of months

& my most recently completed work. I’m holding out for an ikea trip so I can get a better frame.

Has anyone else got a million unfinished projects or are you good at completing?
& please send some more crafty blog recommendations

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Perfect day off - Snow day!

I was pretty shocked to wake up and find so much snow this morning (and it hasn't stopped!). I do love the snow but it makes me so unproductive. I just want to sit drinking tea and reading my Kindle. I have been feeling pretty down and out recently so a day off from shift work, lectures and real life was just what I needed. 

One thing I love (and sometimes hate) about having a dog is that you can't just stay in have to get up rain, shine or blizzard to get walking and take in the fresh air. 

I promise not all blog posts include pictures of my dog in the snow..but he's just too darn cute. Because we were up nice and early the park was so quiet and as yet undisturbed by sledgers. 

It’s just a jogging bottoms & owl print tshirt kinda day:

& back to warm up with Shaun T Insanity (please give me the strength to carry on with this work out, I just feel like he is slowly trying to kill me)

& undo the hard work with fancy Kit Kats:

Before Italian food and Les Miserables for the third time with my Mama tonight (perk of the job).

Hope everyone is staying warm and cosy, I’ll put the kettle on.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

How to remove candle wax from a glass jar – Repurposed Candle DIY

 Does anyone else have 1001 scented candles in pretty jars left over from Christmas? There is something so cosy about candles burning all winter that I just love.


These particularly festive scents had come to an end and I wanted to use the jars in a practical way.

Cinnamon – Homebase - £4 (I have been recommending these candles to everyone. They have such a lovely scent and are so long lasting, they are a great Yankee Candle dupe).
Candycane – TKMaxx - £6

I have tried this DIY before by freezing the jar and shrinking the wax, however I took it from cold to hot too quickly & the glass shattered. Not recommended! If I, a DIY disaster, can do this with no hassle then I’m sure it’s fool proof.
Simply score the remaining wax, add boiling water and wait for the wax to melt & rise to the top. It really is that easy.

See the lava lamp effect?

Next, wait for the wax to cool and remove. I’m pretty paranoid about my pipes (ooh err) so poured the water in to an old bottle to throw away, just to make sure of no waxy remains down the sink.

Next repurpose and reuse and you wish. I have three more large jar candles and think these would look lovely as storage.

Friday, 1 February 2013

OOTD - Casual Drinks

Well from this I think I have worked out I have not yet mastered outfit photos! I can’t find a suitable place in my house and have such an awkward face / stance so these will have to do for my first time.

My favourite necklace is featured here too. My lovely boyfriend bought it on my 21st birthday in New York.

I wore this outfit to one of my favourite bars with a few of my favourite people on Thursday night.

The shirt is one of my favourite Primark bargains at £10 (I think!) I love all things nautical and this collar is just too cute.
Bag is also Primark
& tweed skirt from Urban Outfitters.

Someone please gives me some tips on taking ‘outfit of the day’ pictures! How do you stand and where do you look?! Hopefully one day I’ll get the hang of this..