Monday, 28 January 2013

Dog Blog - My Scottie

This is my baby, my 6 year old Scottish Terrier and the focus of 90% of my Instagram photos!

We got him (what I like to call) ‘second hand’ at 3 years old and he came to us with a chronic ear infection that made him shy, scared and in pain.
Three years on and he is a happy, content and well loved member of the family.

Scottie dogs are known for being a stubborn breed and his recall is pretty awful..if he doesn’t fancy coming back to you & wants to run around for a little longer then he will!

And yes, he is a little chubby and yes, his hair doesn’t look very ‘Crufts’ but I think he is exceptionally handsome.

I’m always interesting in chatting to more Scottie owners and I really love browsing Instagram hashtags. I’m ‘lauras22’.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Donating to Charity & Thrifted, Frugal and Free Haul

The Christmas excitement is over, the tree is down and it’s time for ‘new year and fresh start’ thinking. January is a time where many people have a big flinging session to clear the old and make way for the new.

Here are my January donations that have been taken to a couple of my favourite charity shops.

However an important thing to remember when donating to charity is:
  • Would you buy an item in this condition? If clothing is bobbled, ripped, stained etc you can still donate it to charity as long as you mark it as ‘rags’. This allows the charity to sell it on but they don’t have to waste time sorting through items that will not sell on the shop floor.

I saw a box of donated pans, burnt on grease and all, dumped outside one of my local charity shops. Please make sure items are clean!

And of course it would be rude to donate without clearing some room on the shelves for them (ahem..!).

Deer – 99p Local Hospice Shop
I have been looking for one of these Babycham / Cath Kidston-esque deers for a while so was really pleased with this one. The red eyes are a little scary but he looks lovely on my shelf none the less.

Granny square blanket - £5.99
I love these ‘granny chic’ crochet blankets and some of the colours on this one are lovely. Apparently a lady buys the wool that is donated and makes these to donate back. Imagine the time and effort gone in to this (I’m not too keen on the bright red but hoping I can do something with it).

Now for some sale buys!

French Bulldog money box – Urban Outfitters - £12
Another one for the miscellaneous shelf…but this money box is a new favourite of mine.

Owl Utensil Holder – LauraAshley - £5
This little guy was reduced again and again (and an extra 10% for a tiny chip) and I just couldn’t leave him on there. I have a real thing for owls at the moment.

This speaker was a Facebook freebie from Pringles, the sound is pretty decent!

Now the crème de la crème of my ‘haul’…!

My neighbours had obviously been having a January clean out and I saw this lovely bike out with the rubbish! It being dark and laying down amongst bin bags I didn’t appreciate how lovely it was but put a cheeky note through their letterbox asking if I was alright to take it. They came wheeling it over this morning, really please it has gone to a good home.
It has a basket! It’s beautiful! It needs a little work doing on the tires and gears but I feel so lucky.
(I shall be taking the toddler seat off and offering this on my local Freecycle to pass the karma on).

Bit of a long one (for only my second post!) but I thought I would share my finds.

Laura x