Friday, 6 September 2013

Car Boot Sale Haul

I love car boot sales, there is nothing better than getting up early on a Sunday and hunting around a muddy field with a bacon sandwich. Actually, that is such a lie. I love sleeping in and I love that fact that my local car boot doesn’t start til 10! It’s very rare that I have weekends off so I like to make the most of them. My mum is the best car boot partner (and my boyfriend is the worst).

Bird’s Custard Father Christmas Jug - £2
I cannot tell you how happy I was to find this jug on the very first stall I came to. When I was growing up I always loved my Grandma’s Father Christmas jug, unfortunately when she passed away earlier this year some non-sentimental family members sorted her things. I wanted to hug the man who was selling this and he must have noticed my beaming smile as I paid. It may not be my Grandma’s, but in my mind it is. 

Vintage Blue Floral Plates
I bought these with a very exciting craft idea in mind, watch this space!

Christmas Snowflake Pyrex Dish – 50p
There seems to be a bit of a festive theme with this haul! I love kitsch kitchenware and despite the burn marks (hoping to get those off with some Astonish and elbow grease) I couldn’t say no to this for 50p!

Primark Leopard Print Boots - £1
I normally wouldn’t buy second hand shoes, but these still had the elastic connecting them! I think they’d look great with tights and I can’t wait to start wearing boots again. Autumn is my favourite.

Various Books and DVDs - £1
I can’t leave a car boot sale without books and films! I didn’t pay more than £1 for any of these. I also always seem to be buying kids films..

That’s it! Not loads, but I love every one of these things. I think it’s important to not buy things for the sake of being cheap.

Has anyone had any car boot booty recently? Link me up,  I love to browse other peoples finds!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Upcycling Furniture with Farrow and Ball

I’ve always been in to revamping and upcycling but I’ve been particularly inspired recently. I don’t know if this is the influence of Kirstie and her attempts to ‘Fill Your House for Free’ or just deep set in my roots and thrifty upbringing.


 My first project was this well loved little wooden stool, I wish I had a story behind this but it was found in the garage of a friend’s new house. It was filthy and covered in paint specks but I saw the potential.


Next was this bread bin. I had been on the hunt for the right bed bin for a while but it’s such a boring purchase I never really gave it much thought. On a trip to the local council tip with our moving boxes I spotted this balancing on the edge of the ‘wood’ skip. You’re not technically allowed to buy anything from the tip which is such a shame and my boyfriend was pretty embarrassed when I grabbed this but oh well!
My dad had some left over Farrow and Ball paint in ‘Estate Eggshell’. This stuff is really great, I only did some very light sanding as quick prep and just one coat covered all.

(note the comically large paintbrush, it was all I had!)

And the afters:

I really like the look of both of these items and can’t wait to get creative again.

They’re by no means perfect and the stool could have done with some filler in the holes and dents, but I like the ‘shabby’ look.

Total cost: FREE!

Friday, 28 June 2013

OOTN – Matalan Polka Dot Skater Dress

I recently picked up this dress from Matalan for only £16 and it’s become a firm favourite. It’s such a nice and thick material but hangs nicely in quite a flattering shape. It also is a decent length (score!) – I’m only 5’8, it shouldn’t be this hard to find a dress with a little dignity. I’ve just seen online that they have a variety of colours and think I may have to invest in a few more.

I wore this outfit on Friday night for a pretty quiet night out. Nights out, when you have work at 10 the next day, have lost the appeal and I was home with a cup of tea before 1am!
The backdrop is my new flat so excuse the excess wires etc, things have not found a place yet and it’s also looking VERY white everywhere. The terrible photography skills are courtesy of my lovely boyfriend.

The outfit details

I went for quite a plain outfit but jazzed it up with this mint green Primark belt with the cute gold buckle – 3 for £1.

And of course my 21st birthday Tiffany necklace that never comes off.

Is anyone else a Matalan fan? I find some great gems but the sizes never seem consistent.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Beamish – The Living Museum

I recently went to Beamish in Stanley, Co Durham. Considering I live so close it was pretty awful that I hadn’t been in years. In fact last time was a school trip and I was dressed as a Victorian child. 

Beamish is a ‘living museum’ meaning that it’s a replica of a Co. Durham town, villages, farm and industry.

 This is a pretty picture heavy post (and my last ever instaspam – I’ve been reunited with my camera!) but I would really recommend checking out their website for more details.

Beamish is huge and each section is easily accessed by the traditional transport links.

You can go and explore in each house and there are staff giving talks and answering questions, the dentist was particularly interesting and the staff are so knowledgeable.  

The mining tour was really interesting and experiencing the conditions that my relatives worked in was pretty humbling. 

And of course everyone’s favourite part of the museum is the traditional sweet shop! There are demonstrations, testers and such a wider variety of choice.

I had a great day out (despite the cold..I’m from Co. Durham, why didn’t I know to wrap up warmer?!) but it maybe will be better appreciated from someone who lives away from the area. It didn’t seem such a ‘step back in time’ because I used to live in and know all the local pit villages. Plus, my Dad actually supplied some of the bits and pieces during the refurb. Once you pay for your Beamish ticket you are in for the year. I will be visiting when the new bakery is opening. It’s a great place for a summer picnics and I can’t wait to see the town at Christmas time.
Has anyone ever been or know anything similar? I can't wait to explore more!

Monday, 22 April 2013

22, American Diners & Saltburn Seaside

This time last year I was celebrating my 21st birthday in New York. My 22nd is a little more low key (currently still in my pjs and having chocolate for breakfast). To keep with the American theme my lovely boyfriend took me to the OK Diner about half an hour from us.

I wish I took more pictures of the interior, but it was pretty busy (including the two cutest kids dancing to the 50s music.

I had the Mexican chicken burger with guacamole and bacon. Skin on fries and onion rings on the side. Beautiful! I have heard the shakes are really good but I was just so full and decided the main was a bit of a big ‘healthy eating’ cheat.

As we were on the right road we decided to spontaneously keep going and have a day out in Saltburn. I really love Saltburn, it is such a great beach with so much history and reminds me of family seaside holidays.

I such a lovely day and the beautiful weather is really making me excited for spring / summer – fingers crossed!

(sorry for the insta-spam…Samsung, if you’re reading I would really like my camera back.)

Friday, 12 April 2013

Ikea haul & wish list

I am an Ikea addict. I could spend hours just browsing, planning and wishing. Luckily a few of my friends feel the same.
The other week we took a spontaneous trip to Ikea (mainly for the food), the nearest store is about an hours drive from me so not too close to be there as often as I would like.

I’m moving in with my boyfriend in less than a month (scary!) so went for a look around and to get a couple of catalogues. Of course you can’t come out without a few little things…

SOCKERÄRT Vase - £14

I’m not sure if this is a jug or a vase but it’s a lovely ceramic and looks great with flowers in.

SOMMARFINT Paper napkin - £1

Did I need some flamingo polka dot napkins? I’m not sure.. but for £1 I couldn’t resist. They’ll be lovely for BBQs if we ever get a summer.

ÅRSTID Table lamp - £21

I really love this lamp, I can’t believe I didn’t get two..looks like another trip is on the cards!


Alarm clock - £4.50

This clock looks so sweet but it is the work of the devil. It is SO loud. I keep it at the other side of my room to make sure I get out of bed but it makes a rubbish start to the day.

Heart shaped cactus - £3

Another impulse buy that was too sweet to leave.

 I have spent a long time recently on the Ikea website and Pinterest (so much more exciting that the essays I need to finish) and have but together a little wish list. My boyfriend hates shopping, hates ikea and likes to have a plan, so we need to know what we’re going in for and not spent time wandering.


NY love is 50 skyscrapers high - £5

 This time last year I was packing to spend my 21st in New York, I love this print and think it would look great framed.

Rug - £70
EMMIE LAND Cushion cover - £4

URSULA Throw, beige - £16

I love ‘soft furnishings’ and think that a rug, throw or cushions can really pull together a room.

HEMNES Dressing table with mirror - £190

HEMNES Chest of 6 drawers - £140

I really love the Hemnes collection, I’m lucky that my mum is downsizing her house at the same time so there is a lot of spare furniture for us to take but I love these two pieces.

I apologise for the image quality, my beloved camera broke. Thankfully it was under warranty but they have returned it back without the battery pack..mighty annoying!